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Bruce Lawson

I have recently, at the age of nearly 78, undergone very successful knee replacement surgery performed by Mr M Ganapathi and his team, to all of whom, especially Mr Ganapathi, I am extremely grateful. My recovery has been rapid and relatively pain free. Prior to surgery I was still fairly mobile, walking the dogs twice daily and at least once a week going up some fairly steep mountain paths, albeit with a little discomfort and difficulty. By three weeks post-op, with the help of weekly physiotherapy sessions, I was walking distances of up to one mile using crutches or walking poles. After four weeks I was walking greater distances with a stick only. By six weeks post-op I felt fully recovered, did not need a stick and took to walking the mountain paths again where I use a stick or a pair of walking poles depending on the severity of the terrain. It is a joy to have such freedom of movement again – it is only now that I realise how much difficulty and discomfort I was having previously. I had some reservations prior to the operation, but am now so very pleased with the outcome that I have no qualms about having surgery on the other knee should it be necessary.