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Linda Bailey

Dear Mr. Ganapathi, It was a pleasure to meet you again. My mum is nearly 83 years of age and was in constant pain and unable to walk unaided when she visited you. Her mobility and quality of life had deteriorated very quickly within a few months; however - in fact only six weeks after the operation - she walked into your office, just holding onto my arm for balance. She is mostly pain free and is looking forward to doing a lot of things she used to do. We cannot thank you and your team enough and cannot fault the care and professionalism received throughout the whole procedure. We still have one physiotherapy session to go, and we can see the results from our last visit; from the exercises they suggested to strengthen the muscles, she is becoming more and more mobile and she feels she will soon be walking unaided. We were all very worried about the consequences of having the operation, the anaesthetic and generally the whole procedure. However, it was, thankfully, unwarranted, the procedure and professionalism which we encountered was very reassuring, and for her not to not have the awful constant pain and be able to live an independent life again is absolutely fantastic, we cannot thank you enough.
First Published at Spire Healthcare