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Linda Winson

When Linda Winson fell over her pet dog while walking in the countryside she broke her right leg so seriously that her knee was completely smashed. Despite an emergency operation to address the immediate problem, she was still unable to walk unaided. She feared losing her independence and having to change her whole lifestyle. She went to Mr Ganapathi privately and had a complex knee replacement procedure. As her knee was so badly damaged a special mould had to be made which the makers could not guarantee would work, but Mr Ganapathi said he would take the responsibility for it. She had surgery, the knee was fitted and she is now back walking her dogs again. Two years after the fall she said she is extremely grateful to Mr Ganapathi for enabling her recovery. She said: “I feel very lucky that he was the doctor I saw. He is so professional and greatly experienced in his field. I feel I was treated by the best person for the job and the results have been better than all my expectations.”
First Published at Spire Healthcare