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Private Patient 22nd June 2021

Recently had my second hip replacement by Mr Ganapthi at Spire Yale Hospital. The first, two years ago, was very successful, almost back to normal after 4 weeks, cycling and walking long distances after 6 weeks. My second had an even faster recovery. The even more minimally invasive procedure he used meant I could walk a short way unaided the day after the op! I only used one crutch for about 3 days and was walking up to mile with no stick after 10 days. I was on my exercise bike by week 2 and started cycling on day 24, soon building up to 30+ hilly rides. By 5 weeks I felt back to normal doing 60+ miles through Snowdonia. I have just turned 68 and quite fit as was cycling right up to the op. It was walking that was the problem with a permanent limp and pain. I am also vegan that has been proven to aid recovery. I would highly recommend Mr Ganapathi and the technique he is using.
iWantGreatCare review – private patient (Spire Abergele Consulting Rooms)