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An innovative hybrid group clinic model for pre-operative education for patients undergoing hip and knee replacements.

Mr. Ganapathi has been instrumental in the inception of the pioneering ‘Virtual Joint School’ at Ysbyty Gwynedd which is the first of a kind in Wales. This was done in partnership with the Welsh Government initiative on Group clinics in collaboration with ELC-Redmoor. This program was also shortlisted for the HSJ awards 2022.

Summary of the Virtual Joint School Model at Ysbyty Gwynedd

Pre-operative Joint Schools are very important for good outcomes following hip and knee replacements and prior to Covid, this was done by face-to-face clinics. Covid restriction required innovation. As a substitute, Ysbyty Gwynedd multi-disciplinary team created a series of short videos, covering the Joint school topics.

Prior to surgery, the patients are invited to watch the online videos in You Tube along with the carers. After that they attend the virtual group clinic by Teams where they meet the multidisciplinary team to discuss any queries they have.

In the past, the face-to-face joint school were mainly didactic in nature. In the new model, as the patients and their carers have already watched the instructional videos, the group clinic becomes very interactive in nature. Guest patients who have had a hip or knee replacement in the past also attend the virtual clinic to share their experiences with classes running weekly for hip and knee replacements.

The feedback from the patients has been extremely positive. They appreciate the fact that they did not have to travel long distances. Joining the discussion from the comforts of their own home seem to remove shyness among individuals in getting involved in the discussion. Patients and their carers are especially appreciative of the guest patient and finds it was very reassuring to hear their lived experience directly.

The videos are very instructional and gives information on wide range of topics including what to expect during the hospital stay, optimising before surgery, anaesthetic, pain relief as well as how to manage after going home. The videos can be accessed by clicking the following link Ysbyty Gwynedd Joint School

The following are a selection of videos form the Ysbyty Gwynedd Joint School video collection.

Want to lose weight before joint replacement surgery? This video explains about the Lifestyle Management Program.

Getting match fit - How to optimise yourself for major joint replacement surgery?

To sleep or not to sleep - video explaining about the different options.

Hip replacement journey – video explaining what to expect when a patient comes to the hospital for a hip replacement.

Exercises after a hip replacement

Mobilising with crutches after hip replacement

Hip precautions after hip replacement

Using Aids after hip replacement

Using dressing aids after hip replacement

Getting in and out of bed after hip replacement

Getting in and out of car after hip replacement

Knee replacement journey – video explaining what to expect when a patient comes to the hospital for a knee replacement.

Exercises after a knee replacement

An introduction to Day surgery hip and knee replacements